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Award-Winning Science Writer,

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Climate Restoration—
The Only Future that Will Sustain
the Human Race 
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Carole's Work and Impact

Carole Douglis helps researchers and thought leaders create messages that stick; write and present with stellar clarity; and surface powerful stories to engage audiences.

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-The Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race-

We CAN restore a safe climate!  

How we get there will surprise you.

People around the world recognize the dire threat posed by climate change. Governments, businesses, and individuals are making commitments to shift to renewable energy sources, trim consumption, and otherwise reduce their carbon footprints.


But what if these well-intentioned steps are likely to be woefully inadequate to ensure the future health—or even the survival—of the human race? What if the most popular goal being pursued by today’s climate activists—net zero carbon emissions—is actually a recipe for human disaster?


That’s the dramatic warning sounded by scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur Peter Fiekowsky and co-author Carole Douglis. . . along with an urgent call to refocus our rescue efforts on a much bigger, bolder, yet fully achievable goal. That goal is to restore the climate to its pre-industrial state, in which we know human beings can thrive.

"Effective and galvanizing . . .     

An invigorating, thought-provoking plan to address climate change.”

—Kirkus Reviews 

Introducing climate restoration —get the white paper!

The Climate Restoration Imperative: What It Is, Why It Matters, How We Can Make It Happen

This 54-page white paper authored by Peter Fiekowsky with Carole Douglis is adapted from Climate Restoration: The Only Future that Will Sustain the Human Race.

For a limited time, this important paper is being made available at no cost by the publisher, Rivertowns Books, in order to stimulate informed discussion of our climate options at this critical moment in human history.


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Meet Carole Douglis

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Carole Douglis is an award-winning writer and strategic communicator specializing in climate, environment, and international development.  She has published in the Atlantic, Harper’s, Psychology Today, World Watch, Wilderness, and National Geographic Society (NGS) books. Her chapter on climate and civilization was the NGS’s first serious foray into climate change. She also authored a major portion of the original National Geographic’s Guide to the National Parks.

“Carole is truly a pro at coaching people to express themselves fully and comfortably.”

     —David Loewenstein,  Federal official

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